Sunday, May 29, 2011

Three food outlets in state lose halal certs – Daud

KUCHING: This year three food outlets in the state have been stripped of their halal certificates for non-compliance with the rules and regulations of Sarawak Islamic Religious Department (JAIS).
According to Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Islamic Affairs) Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman, the action taken by JAIS was an indication of how strict the department was on the halal issue.
“The outlets had violated the guidelines given to them and we are strict on this matter,” Daud elaborated.
Addressing reporters after a gotong royong session and handover of ISO 9001:2008 certification to JAIS, Daud pointed out that the three outlets concerned could re-apply for the licence.
“They will need to rectify the issue first, and when we are satisfied with the outcome, we will give them the certification.”
He added that the three outlets, which included a hotel, were issued two notices before the certification was revoked.
On several food products in the market without halal certification, Daud said JAIS had no right to push for food producers to get the certificate.
“However, the certification would benefit them, as consumers, especially Muslims, would not have any doubt on the product,” he elaborated.
On foreign food products, Daud said the department accepted halal certifications by Islamic agencies or authorities from the country of origin.
He said JAIS could only act on the misuse of the halal logo which could confuse consumers.
“To avoid this problem, it is better for Muslims to find products or food outlets with the halal certification,” he said.
Earlier Daud reminded staff of JAIS to listen to the problems and comments of the public, especially on the Internet.
“As an agency serving the people, it is your responsibility to listen to the people, as it will assist in shaping and improving the department.”
Daud said in today’s world, various channels are available for people to give comments or suggestions for improvement.
Also present were State Islamic Council head Datu Putit Matzen, State Mufti Ustaz Kipli Yassin, State Imam Advisor Datu Nahrawi Abdul Rahman and JAIS director Abang Shamsuddin Abang Seruji.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fadillah gives Siah 7 days to apologise

KUCHING: PBB Youth Chief Datuk Fadillah Yusof yesterday issued MoCS leader Francis Paul Siah an ultimatum of seven days to apologise to Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud and the people of Sarawak for his call for Taib to step down.
“His action is an act against the nation’s democracy system and we are ready to cooperate with the police to stop his action,” said Fadillah when asked by reporters at Civic Centre yesterday.
He added that he was confident that the police would investigate this matter thoroughly and they would look into bringing this matter to the Home Ministry (KDN) as the call by Siah was a threat to the state’s security.
“The people had stated their decision clearly during the last state election and he is going against the people’s wish,” he said. When asked on
BN’s preparation for the general election, Fadillah said BN was always ready as elected representatives had always served the people. If the last state election was an indication for the general election, Fadillah said BN would have to work harder to win the hearts of the people.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pemuda pbb zon kuching Buat Laporan Polis????

Pemuda PBB Zon Kuching pada jam 4 petang tadi telah membuat laporan polis terhadap Francis Paul Siah mengenai isi kandungan ugutan beliau untuk mengadakan demonstrasi rakyat secara besdar besarn sekiranya YAB KM Sarawak tidak meletak jawatan sehingga 13 Ogus 2011 nanti.

ROMBONGAN PEMUDA PBB ZON KUCHING petang tadi diketuai oleh Wan Hamzah Wan Paie selaku Ketua Pemuda Zon Kuching yang diiringi bersama 10 orang ketua pemuda PBB dari seluruh Kuching dan lebih kurang 50 orang ahli pemuda PBB serta pihak media tenpatan dan nasional.

Pemuda meminta agar pihak polis membuat siasatan atas perkara berikut ;

1. Francis Siah mempunyai niat untuk mengadakan demonstarsi jalanan besar besaran ala timur tengah yang boleh mengancam ketenteraman awam di Sarawak.Walaupun beliau menyatakan dalam artikel tersebut bahawa rancangan tersebut akan diadakan secara aman, namun di dalam perenggan terakhir artikel tersebut beliau menyatakan sekiranya terdesak beliau akan melalukan apa sahaja untuk memaksa KM berundur. Ini memberi gambaran bahawa beliau beliau mempunyai potensi untuk menjadikan perhimpunan itu sebagai momentum huru hara negeri Sarawak. Ini boleh dianggap sebagai subversive dan menghasut rakyat untuk memberontak dan ini adalah satu kesalahan besar di sisi undang undang Negara.

2. Pemuda PBB juga mahu pihak polis menyiasat adakah Francis Siah menerima bantuan dana dari Negara barat yang ingin melihat Malaysia menjadi padang jarak padang terkukur seperti yang dilakukan oleh mereka di Timur Tengah. Ini kerana perancangan besar Francis Siah ini melibatkan jumlah dana yang besar, dan sekiranya dana ini wujud dan benar dari pihak Negara barat maka siasatan haruslah dibuat adakah Francis Siah ini menjadi perkakas Negara barat di Sarawak.

3. Tindakan Francis ini menghina system demokrasi dan menghina suara rakyat Sarawak yang dengan jelas mahu YAB Pehin Sri dan BN memimpin semula Sarawak.Tindakan ini jelas menolak dan menghina asas perlembagaan Negara kita.

4. Francis Siah juga menghasut orang awam untuk membenci SPR dengan menyatakan pilihanraya yang lepas telah berjalan dengan tidak benar dan tidak tulus . Ini bermakna beliau menghasut rakyat Sarawak untuk membenci agensi yang dipayungi secara langsung oleh kuasa Yang Dipertuan Agong lebih lebih lagi keputusan pilihanraya telah pun diperkenankan melalui pengwartaan baru baru ini.

Atas laporan polis ini maka Pemuda PBB Zon Kuching menyatakan 3 pendirian kami yang berikut ;

1. Pemuda PBB akan menjadi banteng kukuh mempertahankan kepimpinan YAB Pehin SRI Abdul Taib Mahmud dan Francis Siah perlulah berhadapan dengan Pemuda PBB dahulu sebelum mencabar YAB KM.

2. Pemuda PBB menyeeru semua rakyat Sarawak agar memboikot dan menggagalkan perancangan jahat Francis Siah. Ini adalah perlu bagi memastikan kesejahteraan dan kestabilan negeri Saeawak akan terus terpelihara.

3. Pemuda PBB memberi masa selama 7 hari untuk Francis Siah menarik balik artikel beliau itu, sekiranya tidak maka kami akan membawa laporan polis ini kepada YB Menteri Keselamatan Dalam Negeri dan menentut agar tindakan yang keras diambil terhadap Francis Siah demi kebaikan seluruh rakyat negeri Sarawak.

Friday, May 13, 2011

‘Division inevitable if Umno decides to enter Sarawak’

KUCHING: Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) vice president Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman said if Umno insisted on spreading its wings into Sarawak without prior approval from the State Barisan Nasional’s (BN) leadership, division among the people is inevitable.
He said PBB is still the backbone party of the BN in Sarawak by virtue of the handsome mandate the party received during the April 16 state election.
“We (PBB) still have the strong support of the people. PBB won in all 35 seats contested in the last state polls,” he told Utusan Borneo yesterday.
On top of the mandate received, PBB saw an increased majority votes as well as popularity of its candidates, said Daud who is Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department.
“Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has also clarified that in Sarawak, PPB is Umno’s partner. We could also see the good support of Bumiputeras towards PBB,” he said when insisting that Umno’s attempt to enter Sarawak would be a futile effort.
Daud was commenting on a statement by Umno Batu Pahat member Ibrahim Jeman that he wished to change the manner of recruiting Sarawakians as Umno members.
On Wednesday, Ibrahim, a Sarawakian said his style would not be the same as that of a group which called themselves sponsor of Umno’s entry into Sarawak or JPUNS in that his style was to recruit Sarawakians through valid Umno branches in West Malaysia.
Yesterday Daud said Umno should have been reminded by the example of another West Malaysian based BN component, People’s Progressive Party (PPP) which received only lukewarm public response despite its boast of having many members.
“We look at PPP which came to Sarawak. It seems that they received a negative response from the people here,” he pointed out.
Umno should focus on their affairs in West Malaysia and Sabah instead of Sarawak, he insisted.
“Just let PBB and its partners in the state BN take care of their own backyard,” he added.
“Thank God, we have been well taken care of and our hope is that Unmo can take care of people in West Malaysia and win with a bigger margin in the next general election,” he said.
He stressed that BN would lose big if Umno chose to enter Sarawak as this would only contribute to splits and instability which in turn would benefit the opposition front.
Daud however said he believed Umno’s top leadership would maintain their principle of not coming over to Sarawak not only due to BN principle of consensus and respect but also a political reality.
“If they (Umno) are sincere, I advise them to strengthen their position in West Malaysia. In Sarawak, let us strive